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Sexy Back

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Lose that unwanted Back  bulge and stubborn  love handles  with our SEXY BACK Sauna Vest it's  Designed to make you sweat  and finally beat the Bulge .

Sexy Back Waist Trainer

  •  Lose  2-3 inches  instantly .
  • Helps improve posture which can make  you appear longer and leaner
  •  The Flexible boning  offers back support  and  aids in the reduction back pain
  • Great for New Moms and Post partum recovery
  • This trainers heating properties increases thermal activity causing you to sweat and lose inches
  •  Recommended exercises for this Trainer : Walking ,Running Avoid ab work  and bending while wearing this vest you don't want to damage the steel boning.
  • ( see other trainers used  for working out)
  • Our Sexy Back Trainer is made of a neoprene and latex combination  fabric designed to make you sweat and add compression 
  •  the hook latch style of the trainer gives a fun and sporty look while getting rid of that stubborn back bulge and love handles Cinching your waist inch by inch.
  • For Best Results Diet and Exercise are highly recommended 
  • Wear your Trainer  6 or 8 hours a day and lose 2-4 inches as soon as 30 days ( 2-4 hours for Beginners )
  •  Our  Waist Trainers are made with 75 % latex and 25%  cotton lining
  • Firm and flatten your Middy With Daily training 
  • For best results a healthy diet and Daily exercise regimen is recommended
  • Heavy duty and stainless steel structure`=========================================-
  • Flexible Boning for Compression
  • Ultra soft cotton lining


Please be sure  that upon checking out all items in your cart are correct  . Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and the nature of the article being worn on the  body  WE ARE NOT!!!!  accepting any returns at this time . We apologize  for any  inconvenience this may cause you , it is of extreme importance to us that we keep our customers and our staff  SAFE !!! 

In the event of receiving a damaged/wrong size product, we request that you contact us (via email w/ attached pictures) within the first 72 business hours from the time of confirmed tracking delivery. After the initial 72 hours, we will not be able to assist with a replacement product.


This Product IS NOT recommended for those with Latex Allergies !! This item may also contain a slight “Latex” aroma like rubber when first opened. If you are sensitive to such odors, you may want to hand wash with mild soap prior to wearing! Submerging your trainer  in water is never recommended  hand wash with soapy water in a spray bottle   Spray your trainer with soapy water  (generously ) blot with a dry towel and allow  item to completely air dry before wearing 

During the manufacturing process,  light gray "streaks" May be visible it is normal  Simply hand wash  and allow to air dry. 

  OUR SIZE CHART IS 99.9% accurate for choosing the perfect fit . However For The perfect fit  it is suggested that you measure your OWN  waist before purchasing .Measure your waist below the bellybutton, this is your “waist line . Choose your correct size  based on our sizing chart. As accurate measurements  are best  in making your Decision To selecting your size.

Return Policy We are not responsible for any shipping fees for returns purchased incorrectly.  If you are returning your  waist cincher  Please return  your item in the condition in which is was received (ex. no tags, without proper packaging etc.) there will be a $22 restocking fee Due to Covid  These items Can Not be resold . If your product is damaged; we will not accept your return and will be sending it backroads you  and will not issue a store credit or refund. Please inspect your product carefully upon receiving and/or returning.

Should you have any questions regarding this product, please feel free to contact us  or call or text

770-637-6300 and we will be happy to assist you! (Mon-Sat 9am-6pm EST)

Sexy Back
Sexy Back
Sexy Back